Hemp Extract Infused Kinesiology Tape

Hemp Extract Infused Kinesiology Tape


Full Spectrum Infused — So You Can Go Further.

Designed to protect your body during your round or while on the move, this little angel will help you swing your best, even when your hands, knees and extremities, in general, are saying no more. Pick the white flag back-up, and give your body the protection it needs to perform its best. No non-sense, just functional wellbeing with hemp-extract-infused performance products. This will change your game. Includes three, 6 inch strips for direct adhesive application while exercising or attempting to play 36 holes on a Sunday.


Dosage: Apply as needed


Scent & Feeling: No scent, Perform (Joint + Muscle Support & Relief)


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Hemp Extract Infused Kinesiology Tape | For When You’re On the Move or On-the-Course

This product is designed for topical hemp-extract adhesion when you’re on the move. It’s a product that our team swears by – every time we play or exercise. This powerful strip allows you to directly adhere hemp-extract for all-day protection. Say goodbye to ‘tennis elbow’ and that dreaded ‘golf wrist’. When wrapped properly, this K-Tape can change the arthritis and inflammation game in minutes, and maintain relief while you play.