Nano Hemp Extract Beverage Booster

Nano Hemp Extract Beverage Booster


600mg Full Spectrum | Your Plant-Based Pick-Me-Up for Mental and Physical Wellbeing 

Offered in a super-bioavailable Nano Hemp Extract Full Spectrum formulation, this extract is ideal for those in search of maximum Hemp Extract absorption on-the-go to stimulate focus, mood and mental or physical performance. Whether in the boardroom or on the course, this powerful beverage booster can enhance the way you feel, fast.


Dosage: 20mg hemp extract / dropper (30 droppers / bottle)


Flavor & Feeling: Berry – Focus


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Nano Hemp Extract Beverage Booster | Maximum Bioavailability and Absorption with this Nano Hemp Extract + Monk Fruit Extract and MCT Oil

Designed to aid in bioavailability and hemp extract absorption, this delivery vehicle uses Nano hemp extract to enhance efficacy by impacting the absorption rate and overall effect on our bodies’ Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Drop some in your favorite beverage for some mid-day focus, pre-workout motivation or a happier state of mind. Use anytime, anywhere and make your next cocktail with the healing powers of Nano Hemp Extract