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Let Your Body and Mind Align

Swingwellness is a mindset & lifestyle

Tinctures, perform, relax and focus posed in a line up.

Different lifestyles, different needs.

Oil, capsules or topicals in five signature feelings

Perform tincture posed with lemons and lemon grass.

One Score Fore Whole Body Wellbeing.

Swingwellness focuses on activating and balancing your endocannabinoid-system by using phyto-cannabinoid, vitamin and mineral-rich formulations to help your body realize true homeostasis. We carefully process organic-farmed hemp into our Full Spectrum and Isolate formulations with other natural ingredients like MCT oil and avocado oil paired with carefully selected plant-based terpenes like linalool (found in lavender), beta-caryophyllene (found in rosemary and clove), and humulene (found in hops and basil).

By pairing terpenes, phyto-cannabinoids and natural ingredients, the therapeutic effects of each individual ingredient are harmonized, creating a formulation with multiple positive biologic effects.

A Hole in One for Plant-Based Wellness.

Swingwellness is a lifestyle that incorporates daily action to elevate mind and body, intertwining mental and physical health through whole plant nutrition and an active lifestyle. We use botanics to unlock the power of our biologies, and we thought others should too.

Research demonstrates CBD is tolerated well by many people. Because the most often reported effects of a recurring CBD-routine are calm and focus; inflammation relief after exercise or from joint and arthritis-related problems; natural sleep-aid to maintain a healthy sleep schedule; and as a stress management tool to help in handling day-to-day stresses, those looking to find balance in any of these areas, athlete or not, may benefit from phytocannabinoid-based supplements to enable steady ECS activation.

Relax product line posed alongside lavender flowers.
Focus product line posed with cranberries and ginger roots.

Lower Your Wellness Handicap.

CBD supports our cellular and molecular health, and is classified as one of the 100+ other cannabinoids found within the hemp plant (and, that’s only what we know of right now). As we continue mapping the hemp genome, that number of discovered cannabinoids will only grow, and the healing properties may grow proportionately. Studies are showing a greater effect on health and wellbeing when multiple cannabinoids and plant compounds are ingested together, meaning more efficacy when the whole plant (or, as close to what nature intended as possible) is present.

The inception of our flagship Full Spectrum line of products incorporates phyto-cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other natural ingredients to maximize efficacy, better support your body and lower your overall wellness handicap. But, we have CBD-isolate products for those desiring a pure CBD boost, too. Try both chemistries for yourself, and see which works best for your lifestyle.

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Our Expertise

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